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Wedding Anniversary & Special Birthday Party Celebration ideas

Wedding Anniversary or Birthday Celebration Ideas

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Are you looking forward to celebrating your own Wedding Anniversary, or that of a family member, with friends and family? Either way, a couples commitment to each other and their achievements together are something worth celebrating!

If it is your own Wedding Anniversary, you may be planning a party and looking for some ideas, or you may rather spend a more Romantic Celebration together on a night out at the theatre, a Romantic Weekend Away or even a Holiday!

You may be planning a Wedding Anniversary party for your parents, grand-parents or other family members.

If you are planning to travel in style to the location of your Wedding Anniversary celebration, search your local Thomson's Directory for Limousine Hire.





Whatever you are planning, I hope you will find some ideas here.




Wedding Anniversary or Birthday Party Planning 

25th anniversary Party

First of all, decide who is giving the party - it may be the couple themselves or the cost may be split between close family members as a gift.

Decide on the Date for the Party - is it on the Wedding Anniversary date or the closest weekend date. If the Wedding Anniversary doesn't fall on a weekend, a weekend date may be more suitable for your guests.

Make a Party Planner in a spreadsheet with a To-Do list, guest list, shopping list, music list etc. or download FREE Party Planner in PDF and Excel formats.

Who will be attending the party - is it a small family event or for family, close friends and perhaps work colleagues?

30th anniversary Party Compile a Guest List. If you are booking a venue for the event, you should know the approximate size of the party.


If you are not having a party at home, decide on the type of location you would like - hotel, pub, social hall or club, restaurant etc.

40th anniversary Party

Book the location. You may have to pay a deposit for this.

Buy Invitations or print your own Invitations and send out 4 weeks before - this gives your guests time to prepare for the event. Include a RSVP on the Invitation - this will help you to confirm the size of the party.

Plan the food – are you having caterers or doing it yourself maybe with some family help? Are you planning a meal, a hot or cold buffet or maybe a summer bar-b-que?

50th anniversary Party

If you don't have a bar at the location, what type of drinks - wine, beers, spirits, Champaign or maybe cocktails?

If this is a 'milestone' Wedding Anniversary e.g. Silver, Pearl, Ruby, Golden or Diamond Wedding, arrange to have a cake made

Order decorations for your home or the party venue if they are not provided -Balloons, banners, tableware etc.

If you are having a home party, plan what music you would like – maybe a young member of the family would like to be the DJ for the night - download Party Planner.

60th anniversary Party

If it is not a home party, who is supplying the music – if you are having a disco, the DJ may ask for a sample play list to give him, or her, an idea of what you would like e.g. you may want a 60's , 70's or 80's theme. If you are having a themed party, what about fancy dress

Whether it's a home party or at another venue, ensure a few of the guests bring cameras so that the occasion is recorded and the couple have something to look back on. Get a family group taken that could be added to a memories book or photograph album. Maybe someone could put the photographs together in a movie using Windows Movie Maker - I did this for a recent Wedding Anniversary, burned it to a DVD, and the family loved it.





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Romantic Wedding Anniversary or Birthday Celebration 

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If you have it [Love], you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have - Sir James M. Barrie

Whether you're planning to spend your wedding anniversary having a romantic candle-lit dinner with your partner at home or in a favourite restaurant, or visiting a Romantic Location, having a weekend away, a city break or even a Holiday or Cruise, a romantic walk along the beach - however you spend your Wedding Anniversary I hope it will be a memorable one for you both, recalling the happiness of the past and creating wonderful memories for your future together.



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